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            ABOUT US

            Zhejiang Rehon Mechanical & Electrical Co.,Ltd Is located in China's economy the most developed Yangtze river delta hinterland - changxing county, huzhou city, belong to "2 hours" economic development of the international metropolis Shanghai, the company about 1 km from jiangsu, anhui highway Lin Cheng export, and proper to 318 national road, traffic is extremely convenient.


            Zhejiang rainbow electrical Limited by Share Ltd (formerly ruian changxing) rainbow air conditioning accessories co., LTD (Ryan), in order to meet the requirements of business development and corporate development, the company established in 2006 in changxing land, at the beginning of 2008 to complete the move. Before moving company has passed the GB/G19001:2000 quality management system certification, certification certificate. In 2009, zhejiang rainbow air conditioning accessories co., LTD of ISO/TS16949 quality management system, successfully received certification certificate. Small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises in zhejiang province in 2015, listed its shares on the new three board in the same year in August to success, the company officially changed its name "zhejiang rui hong air conditioning accessories co., LTD.", stock code: 833356.


            Company's existing professional and technical personnel 34 people, professional committed to the automotive air conditioning liquid-gas separator with clutch shell and research and development, at present the company owns eight patents, 4 utility model patents, 4 invention patents, patent technology products all achievements. At present, the company main products are: all kinds of automobile air conditioner motor end cover, all kinds of automotive air conditioning compressor clutch coil shell, piston compressor, etc., products are mainly sold to anhui, Shanghai, guangdong, hangzhou, dalian and other regions, the current daily output has reached 40000 sets of shell components, in the domestic market share above 80%.


            The company registered capital of 15 million yuan, a total investment of 60 million yuan, the factory covers an area of 33335 square meters, construction area of 17000 square meters, factory building area of 14000 square meters, office area of about 500 square meters, dormitory, canteen, etc. The living quarters area of about 3000 square meters. Main processing and testing equipment 150 units, electroplating production lines, two electrophoretic spray (dip) paint production line 1, phosphating production line 1. Company has strong research and development and production of manufacturing capacity, on the quality of the product, price, delivery time, have stronger competitiveness.


            In 2013 has put in the automatic blanking and forming production line, make enterprise in the production of more convenient and more mechanized.


            In 2015, the company gross industrial production of more than 6300 ten thousand yuan, profit tax of 9 million yuan, the company plans to use 3 ~ 5 years time, the main business bigger and stronger, is expected in 2016 ~ 2020 annual output value can be 1 ~ 170 million yuan, make the enterprise under the internal perfect management system ensure the revenue and profit increase gradually. To be a famous specializing in the production of automotive air conditioning parts production enterprises.



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