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            Rui hong shares 2015 revenue of 62.41 million yuan Net profit fell 12%

            Time:2016-4-20 17:10:00

            On April 20, rui hong shares (833356) recently released annual report 2015, 2015 annual business income is 62.4099 million yuan, up 7.64% from a year earlier. Net income of 3.0056 million yuan, compared with the same period last year dropped 12.36%.
            As of December 31, 2015, rui hong shares assets totaled 57.0961 million yuan, up 5.62% from a year earlier, attributable to shareholders of listed company with a net worth of 26.4044 million yuan, up 12.85% from a year earlier.
            Rui hong shares 2015 annual management fees grew by 110.95% year-on-year, the main reason is that (1) complete the shareholding system reform in 2015 and listed on the new three board, current spending on referral fees, audit fees, the increase in the valuation fee, attorney's fees and other services; (2) in order to improve the staff office environment, update a batch of office equipment, office expenses increased.
            According to dig bei institute, according to new three board rui hong shares through technology on automobile air conditioner clutch coil shell product accumulation of marketing channel construction, for the lower level of cell and automobile air conditioner clutch manufacturer provides the stable quality products, with complete and thus continue to achieve income in product life cycle, profits and cash flow.

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